Sunday, December 20, 2015

Was Satan Tempted By God To Tempt Eve?

God To Tempt Eve

Is it a waste of time to argue with ISIS about their belief? 

Is there a god?

Does ISIS have a better understanding of creation? Should I just accept their belief in god since they believe it as much as you do? Do they refer to Muhammad by another name not his own as Christians do with Jesus, when his name is actually Yeshua? How can Christians understand the universe as god does when they cannot call his son by his proper name? Or does it not matter to them? If it matters not to them, if they do not care about the details why should a nonbeliever?

C. Stephen Layman, from “Ethics and the Kingdom of God,” argues that we are best driven to morality by divine command. “The view that what god commands is good, what god prohibits is evil and without divine commands or prohibition's nothing is either good or bad in itself...such a recognition is thought to go against the idea of gods omnipotence.”

divinity /dɪˈvɪnɪtɪ/ noun (pl) -ties

  1. the nature of a deity or the state of being divine
  2. a god or other divine being the divinity,
  3. another term for God
There is a theory cast by the circular christian ‘possibility argument’, postulated through apologists as in Alvin Plantinga’s modal ontological, that if god can exist then he must. The burden of proof is then released from the religious theist and placed on the shoulders of the secular atheist to deny. Can we not say, if Odin can exist, then he must. A possibility argument can apply to any god, or none. Does the mere existence of god imply divinity? Should we consider slavery divine, incest, fratricide, infanticide, rape or mass extinction as in Noah's flood divinity?

While religious studies can be quantified as knowledge of history, schools such as Grand Canyon University, founded in 1949, a regionally accredited, privately owned Christian university, apply theistic themes beyond academia. Theology is inexplicably accepted as a science, at least in the accreditation of academic certificate and state sponsored funding in the united states. By example Liberty University, boasts to be “The largest Christian University in the world.” Created by Dr. Jerry Falwell in 1971, offers “Creation Studies: A dynamic, teaching-based program...seeking to understand how science can inform us about God's magnificent creation.” That statement to most academics would be antithetical. Science is looking to how the universe began but they do not seek why. If science did find god, the answer to why would be us.

The big bang or the hand of god, two claims of eternal energy, both seemingly without beginning or relative end. Doesn’t this sound similar in approach, scientists and Christians speaking the same language? Each group's cannon, based on their theory or belief seem incompatible. Both philosophies have amalgamated their practice for brief moments over centuries. Even so, God wasn't reasonable to science or science would answer the question eons ago; 'Is there a god?'

A good question is like a miniskirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep everyone interested.”
Charles Halsey

If the god of the bible is immortal, beyond our conception of time, how can god be discovered? We exist in the confined space of entropy, our 'time' is limited on this planet, a precept of existence supposedly set by a timeless god. Mortal man cannot perceive eternity even in his most fervent imagination. Something without beginning or end cannot be held within our limited mind. God cannot be perceived by our evolving brain but a form of god, in the image of man, limited, emotional, fluid in his morality, can. With an unknowable supreme being, divinity can be placed on the godhead with or without revelation. Each and any act of this unknowable deity is an act of neutrality as it cannot be measured by our limited, mortal comprehension of justice and must then be excepted as a divine act.

The charge of original sin, man's 'fall from grace', Adam's default according to the bible. If I give a child instructions to go to the garage and bring back a crescent wrench and the child brings back a fillips screw driver, was he or she acting out of ignorance or willful disregard (free will) or both? Are we capable or willing to understand gods instructions in full or capable of ignoring and misunderstanding them? The hardening of Pharaoh's heart by god himself is a prime example. Was Thutmose II* a free moral agent as promised by god to man in the time of Adam? Did not god himself continue the enslavement of the Jews by interfering with Pharaoh's freedom to chose?

“In "De Civitate Dei"[6], Augustine defines original sin as the open disobedience by Adam of God's will by eating the forbidden fruit. The immediate penalty, as stated in Genesis, was death for Adam and Eve and all their descendants…In his words "the corruption of the body which weighs down the soul, is not the cause of the first sin but its punishment. And it was not the corruptible flesh that made the soul sinful; it was the sinful soul that made the flesh corruptible." - G. Richard Jansen - Colorado State University
Was Satan, god's prosecutor, tempted to speak with Eve? Why was the tree of knowledge placed in such close vicinity to Adam and Eve? The tree of life (immortality) was farther away according to the bible in the East of the Garden; Genesis 3:24.

If god was aware, as any omniscient being must be, Eve had yet to take of that knowledge, was she prepared to face Satan, naked and alone in paradise? Satan must have been cognizant of Eve's state of ignorance and god as well, conscious of Satan's character and intention. Is Eve tempted by Satan in the form of a snake or by god tempting Satan?

Moses left his people for forty days and nights returning finding them in worship of a false idol of gold. Even after witnessing plagues, rivers of blood, death of the first born of Egypt even seas parting. These scribes of scripture, interrupters of god voice. And why has god only chosen these people to be his messengers, to relay his divine commands?

It has been asked many times before this paper, 'why not a global revelation'? Who else was given foreknowledge of the approaching Earth mega flood that drowned children, pregnant women and the infirmed? The Chinese had a written language long before the Hebrews, were they not as qualified to hear God's booming voice as Moses was? Is not every man the child of god? Can a christian scholar explain why god didn't send Jesus before the great flood instead of waiting until the age of John the baptist when the people of Earth, God's children, were obviously in their most desperate hour? Is favoring one child over another is good parenting?

Genesis 6:7 “And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.”
From the time of Adam to Yeshua/Jesus was a total of approximately 4,000 years (Eddie Chumney: January 9, 1997 – How many sinners could have been saved from damnation?
“Scripture calls the abode of the dead, to which the dead Christ went down, "hell"— Sheol in Hebrew or Hades in Greek—because those who are there are deprived of the vision of God. Such is the case for all the dead, whether evil or righteous, while they await the redeemer: which does not mean that their lot is identical, as Jesus shows through the parable of the poor man Lazarus who was received into "Abraham’s bosom": "It is precisely these holy souls, who awaited their Savior in Abraham’s bosom, whom Christ the Lord delivered when he descended into hell." Jesus did not descend into hell to deliver the damned, nor to destroy the hell of damnation, but to free the just who had gone before him. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, CCC 633 - Jim Blackburn)”

Archaeological research shows that there are NO writings outside beyond scripture within any mythological or historical accounts that document about a man named Jesus. The single claim of modern Christians by the historian Josephus has proven a forgery or at least edited. Josephus, born in the year 37 CE (Common Era) and the alleged crucifixion took place somewhere between 29 CE and 34 CE. In other words, Josephus was not around to document or witness these events.

"I have repeated whatever may rebound to the glory, and suppressed: all that could tend to the disgrace of our religion" Eusebius & Pampilus (Editors of Josephus works) (Chp. 31, Book: 12 of Prae Paratio Evangelica).

"For more than two hundred years, the Christian Fathers who were familiar with the works of Josephus knew nothing of this passage. Had the passage been in the works of Josephus which they knew, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Origen and Clement of Alexandria would have been eager to hurl it at their Jewish opponents in their many controversies. But it did not exist. Indeed, Origen, who knew his Josephus well, expressly affirmed that that writer had not acknowledged Christ. This passage first appeared in the writings of the Christian Father Eusebius, the first historian of Christianity, early in the fourth century; and it is believed that he was its author. Eusebius, who not only advocated fraud in the interest of the faith, but who is known to have tampered with passages in the works of Josephus and several other writers, introduces this passage:" - Marshall J. Gauvin, (Did Jesus Christ Really Live? 2009)

It is revealing that the modern day Christian refers to their Christ savior as Jesus, when his name was in the Hebrew, Yeshua.
Q: Can we say, Layman's from proposition that we are best driven to morality by divine command, “The view that what god commands is good” be relied upon as a moral compass for man?

BREAKING NEWS: Even if you claim something was supernatural, if it had effected this world, we could still measure and analyze that event and inquire about it through the scientific method. You are claiming that someone’s experience, which is only subjective (personal), is positive because they perceived something beyond the veil of death in their mind. Quid pro quo, while I can provide evidence that death is real, no proof can be found of an afterlife in heaven or hell. The acceptance of death is one of the best steps to freeing yourself from the fear of not getting an afterlife.

You cannot know a belief is true, you believe what is known. If I told you to apply your mental efforts in believing the Earth was flat you couldn't do it. Pretending, you can make yourself think you believe but not become a belief. Empirical evidence this world is spherical is known to you. There is no empirical evidence that god exists. Pretend but you cannot make yourself believe completely. Men created heaven out of fear, no matter how hard they try, they cannot make it real.

We have reached the point in society, in the case of Charlie Hebdo, where too much courtesy toward Bronze Age thinking is retarding progress. It is time to break the cycle of ignorance and that means facing theists and requiring validation for their interference in science, education and politics. The religious make extraordinary claims, they are required, just as anyone claiming to see Elvis, to back up those claims or go home.

A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.”
Arthur C. Clarke

People find what they need when needed. When people need religion, they will find their own subjective view within the dogma. Religion does exist if you want to term it real that's fine. But religion isn't required to find morality. Subjective as morality is we can agree on what is good in the general sense.

The bible, IE the path to monotheistic religion is supremely flawed as a guide to live a "better way." When you read that canon you are forced to ignore the obvious flaws. Genesis for a start no pun intended. Second, the bible has been edited and mistranslated so many times you aren't reading the true intent of the message.

How can we ignor these truths make for a better life?
  1. Why would god send himself, pray to himself, sacrifice to himself, to make up for a mistake he himself created?
  2. Why would god put a tree of life and a tree of knowledge in front of Adam, when Adam already had eternal life? Adam had zero understanding of the actual consequences of his actions, he had never lived a life like the one we know now.
  3. If god is omniscient, god knew what Adam would do and so god damned us all to torment and pain, then wiped us out in a great flood to start over from a situation he created and knew he was going to create.
How can free will already be pre-written? There is no free agency as described by the bible since it is constantly altered or outright removed as gods choosing. Free will in heaven? You will go where you are told in the house already built for you with many rooms. You will always be happy and cared for, praising god whether you feel like it or not. Do we have the free will to lift 'the curse' of Adam and Eve? Have I the choice to not believe, live a decent life and still not go to hell? Nope.
If there is no free will, there is no original sin, there is no Christianity.

Secular Atheism has no context, no dogma or cannon to follow. There is no gospel to share, no euphoric awakening as recounted by millions of believers in a multitude of faiths. Atheists view the word faith as pejorative, lacking true wisdom or containing necessary fact. Atheists view their new ‘enlightenment’ as more of a release from ignorance or guilt for those raised religious.

The Hubble telescope has captured billions of galaxies in deep space, it wasn't even blessed with holy water. A geneticist can trace genetic DNA patterns back to your first relative. My great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was what color?! The Earth is now far beyond any doubt billions of years old, dismantling the biblical account of Genesis. The word 'God' doesn't even appear in the U.S. constitution. Where do our modern day Christians go from here? Imagine how many non-believers are sitting silently in pews and preaching convincingly from pulpits.