Sunday, April 5, 2015

Logic Versus Religion on Facebook

Debating a post from Atheist Republic on Facebook on the subject of religion.

"Televangelist Creflo Dollar Raises Funds For $65 Million Private Jet"


Wade (Name redacted): It's guys like this that don't really know Jesus that keep people like you only seeing the greed of man and not the love of God which will keep you for all eternity living in Hell.

Don't let Satan continue to use the selfishness of man as fodder to fuel your disbelief therefore keeping you in his grasp.

Dennis, you're a thinker, think outside the box past the ignorance, selfishness, hatefulness and greed of man and study the HEART of Jesus not just the words of the New Testament. I feel you get hung up on the wording and miss the whole point of the truth about Jesus.

Dennis Sweatt: The truth of Jesus is a truth found in a multitude of places without iron age scripture written for a different time in history. The bible, nor Jesus, is necessary for morality.

When you idolize another human being, like Jesus, his message is no longer man's message. Man can, man has, man will. Focusing on a person like Gandhi, MLK, Jesus, Buddha, take your pick defeats the purpose.

Jesus never spoke against slavery. Is that the heart of Jesus?
You can't actually know the heart of Jesus, because that book was written by men, fallible, angry, frightened, driven, lustful, greedy, jealous, also loving, also devout, also misguided men.

Not one, NOT ONE, of those men Ever spoke with Jesus.
Religion is an excuse, religion is a cry for help, religion is a warm blanket and a need to be dissuaded from the fear of death. Quote as much scripture as you like, I can find its equivalents in philosophy, poetry and song dating long before Christianity.

    "Religion creates sheep, philosophy creates shepherds, logic creates lions."- Dennis Mitchell Sweatt

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