Sunday, February 15, 2015

Religion Must Stop Creating Enemies

Atheism means peace

Why must religion be everyone's enemy?

#ISIS is the enemy of #Islam, Islam the enemy of #Jews & #Christians.
Jews, Muslims & Christians to be the enemies of progress.

The single greatest threat in the modern world is religious dogma. All religious dogma. Because 'religious' and 'modern' cannot coexist.

Mass killings and mega churches have the same effect; mass delusion of religious power. 

ISIS is begging for power and attention, otherwise they would behead victims in private not in front of a camera. Mega churches like Lakewood that pay Joel Osteen to preach take it or leave it gospel to frightened sheep help to support groups like ISIS. They make it ok to claim their god is the only god worth killing people, the non-believers. 

Stop feeding this delusion. Stop giving credibility to the fantasy of faith to coddle peoples fear of death. Those who do not fear death cannot be controlled by death.