Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blaming Atheism For The Chapel Hill Shooting

Atheism Chapel Hill Shooting

Every Person On Earth Is An Atheist

Tweet: Bible Crazy Religious Questions and Answers: Blaming Atheism For The Chapel Hill Shooting

The accusations on the evils of atheism are coming faster than the shells from Craig Stephen Hicks .38 revolver. Hicks wife stated the Chapel Hill shooting had nothing to do with religion. We will have to see how he defends himself in court as the trial reveals his true motives.

The murder of three students is heinous, hateful and absolutely wrong in every imaginable sense. Uninformed people are quick to claim non-belief as a driving force behind the killings. There is no context to atheism, no dogma to follow, no atheist nations or authoritarian agendas. For Hicks to shoot three people dead he must have believed in what he was diong, violently expressed as racism, anger, or both. I can quote bible scripture pleading with believers to stone homosexuals to death or kill an atheist where he stands. What doctrine can be quoted on killing three young people from the humanist community with equally specific instruction?

Hicks choices do not reflect on the atheistic community at large as Hitler’s faith in god driving him to kill five million Jews is not a reflection of all Catholics. Hitler was anti-jewish based on their theism. Which is why I am saying, everyone is an atheist. You say Hitler was not a true atheist. Wouldn’t you apply that same standard to Hicks?

Would you agree with George Bush invading Iraq on reasons he gave the French Prime Minister? Bush claimed in the Middle East, he saw "Gog and Magog" at work from the scripture of Revelations. Do you concur with President Bush’s theism on the war in Iraq? You would be anti-theistic towards his belief in a particular version of god if not.

Do you believe Thor is the son of Odin?

Religions are themselves atheist towards beliefs not their own. Some Christians on social media with intent or in a passive aggressive manner praise the death of these students. If your theism is not a justification for killing, anti-theism is afforded same defense.

As an atheist myself I cannot speak for Hicks mindset or motivations. I view these crimes as the murder of three people, not three Muslims. Their beliefs do not make them less human or more so. They had freedom of religion on American soil. As I have the freedom of speech to disagree with religion. Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, had the right to a long life. If we find that religious discrimination was Craig Hicks provocation we can say he maintained the wrong predetermined beliefs.

Hicks failed the test of his own critical thinking.
Questioning wrong beliefs is what atheists are supposed to do.