Friday, February 6, 2015

You Can't Teach Atheism to Atheists

Atheists Questioning God
Atheism is a movement against nothing.

Do atheists still yell “Oh, god, oh god!”when they're making love?

An atheist does not believe in religion or doctrine claiming a divine deity in the sky. If these claims are true, then atheists are convicting Christians of being unicorn chasers and fighting invisible dragons in their garage. As you read this a movement begun quiet as a philosophy off in the distance, is being heard spoken with increasing force around the globe. It began before anyone reading this book was born and will continue long after we return to dust. This movement of non-belief, soon to be at your front door, is the genie being put back in its bottle.

Questioning the existence of god

Doubting god in America, Europe or the middle east in earshot of fundamentalists means you are asking for real trouble. In researching this book and speaking with atheists at length, you might be surprised that most will not deny the possibility of an all powerful being igniting the universe into existence. That doesn't say atheists believe that your version of god exists, it says they are still waiting for proof that any god is real.

Can you blame them for doubting?

"God exists." "How do you know that God exists?" "The Bible says so." "Why should I believe the Bible?" "Because it's the inspired word of God." That argument is like a dog chasing its tail. The only proof of existence of an omnipotent being is in the enthusiasm of his followers. Unless you believe the face of Jesus appears on your morning toast, what act of divinity has anyone witnessed in the last two thousand years? Has God ever replaced a missing limb through prayer?

The age of science and technology

The Hubble telescope has captured billions of galaxies in deep space, it wasn't even blessed with holy water. A geneticist can trace genetic DNA patterns back to your first relative. My great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was what color?! The Earth is now far beyond any doubt billions of years old, dismantling the biblical account of Genesis. The word 'God' doesn't even appear in the U.S. constitution. So where do our modern day Christians go from here? Believers are feeling a shift. Right now non-believers are sitting silently in pews and preaching convincingly from pulpits.

Is faith necessary if you truly believe?

You cannot know a belief is true, you can only believe what is known. If I told you to apply all your mental efforts in believing the Earth was flat you couldn't do it. You can pretend, you can make yourself think you believe but that would never truly become a belief. You are aware of empirical evidence that this world is spherical. You are aware of no empirical evidence that god exists. You can pretend but only it is make believe.

What if I told you that every person on planet Earth is already an atheist?