Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Churches Do Not Make Nations Great

Churches do not make nations great. 

Writer: Dennis M. Sweatt

Churches are used to move the masses to wars without end; to disenfranchise groups with glorified hate. To enrich pastors like Ken Ham who spend millions building monuments to
Ken Ham Ark Encounter
allegorical stories like Noah's flood. 

Or mega churches and million dollar incomes for preachers like Joel Osteen, or Creflo Dollar. While children starve in America.

The church doesn't have anything man does not already possess. The silver and golden rules were already in use thousands of years before the story of Jesus took place. Asia did not have to be told by god to stop blood sacrifices, with another blood sacrifice, they just figured it out.

It's always a trap to say if we turn to this form of heuristic, if we teach people to fear an unrealistic for of eternal torture they will mend their ways. If this form of control really functioned the way the church has claimed it would for thousands of years, we wouldn't be in this state.

What state are we in? 

While it seems that violence is an everyday occurrence, it is. It has always been. When a nation, or the world at large begins to progress, when our wants and needs are easier to meet, we become complacent. Creatures of habit, we want out world to run along the 'freeway' without engine trouble.

violence steady decline

According to NATO, CDC and the World Health Organization, violence has been on a steady decline since the nineties. Peaking when Bush senior left office and declining a year after Bill Clinton took office.

At the same time, church attendance has been dropping steadily.
church attendance