Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Atheists Have No Idea If God Really Exists

Does God Exist

No atheist can assert that God doesn't exist.

But anyone with a high school diploma can see by actually studying the bible and its history, it was man-made.

Don't you find it odd how many human emotions God has in
 the old and new testament? 
-God drowned pregnant women and little babies because they had anger in their hearts so god got angry.

And more unexplainable stories from the perfect word of god:

  • "Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks." - Psalm 137:9
  • Female bears coming out of the woods to maul young boys because they made fun of a bald man? - 2 Kings 2:24
  • Did Judas die in a field on hung from a tree? - Matthew 27:5 or Acts 1:18
  • Lot was so drunk he slept with BOTH daughters on the same night and impregnated them. Have you ever been so drunk you would sleep with your children? - Genesis 19:30-38
  • Lot offered his daughters to a rape gang to save immortal angels sent by God. - Genesis 19:8

So much for the moral argument.
Morality comes from men. It is utilitarian. We learn from our mistakes. Men, not god, ended slavery for most of the world. Yet God knew from the beginning of time knew it was wrong.

If God is good, he cannot stand by while children die of dysentery, cholera, murder, rape.
If god flooded the world because man used his free will to be angry, free will was not real and therefore original sin is null and void. The curse is lifted.

-God created the universe from nothing but something cannot come from nothing.
-God came from nothing.

I agree with this one: Your arguments don't prove anything because God only exists in the minds of men.
All the gods are in your head. The demons dwell there too. But they are made by men to answer questions about the world and the universe back when dessert shepherds thought an eclipse was a sign from God. 

Today we know better. 
Imagine what we will know tomorrow.